Avoid emergencies, accidents, dangerous people

We need a super-ability, a “multi-sense,” in whose possession we can see threats much earlier.

SAFETY EYE will be able to give you this capability. Get started for free now!

Who does SAFETY EYE help?

From children, cyclists, motorists to motorists, we are all in danger on the roads. Women and men alike want not to be in danger on the roads!

On foot - bicycle

It would be nice if the vehicles, the motorists, took care of us! We can make ourselves visible in the SAFETY EYE system. We can find out where the vehicles are and what we need to do for our safety. How can our child be protected?

Motor car

As a biker, would you avoid dangerous people? The threatening situations? A targeted message can prevent in time the events that are the basis of our annoyance today.

Trucks - machines

"Big" and "slow" devices play an important role in transport and people's lives. What if we didn’t have to be afraid of irresponsible people if everyone could move forward and have a special role to play?

SAFETY EYE is a smart solution for safety

Background algorithms provide information about threats. They take into account the technical parameters of the means of transport, the capabilities and abilities of the drivers, the traffic information, the weather and much more information that we cannot perceive. Everything that is now invisible or even unpredictable.

Road safety = personal safety

How is SAFETY EYE different from any previous security solution?

Innovative, ie novelty. A patented measuring tool and method works in the SAFETY EYE system, which performs its tasks with precision and precision.

It forms a unit with intelligent, programmed, and unshakable learning processes from the system, which has been given a single goal and task. Namely, it must support the person in all circumstances, the one who must also be part of the unit.

This harmonious, machine-to-machine collaboration allows us to give you a much more advantageous position on the roads, no matter how we travel.

Real-time forecasting

Driver support is “real-time”. The SAFETY EYE system associates information from several databases that are normally inaccessible during traffic.

Solutions tailored to us

SAFETY EYE is designed to support people as opposed to the standard “smart machine” solution. Knowing our personal habits allows us to be part of a more conscious transport for us. It helps to avoid dangerous places and people. Support is not tied to place or time, it is global.

Automatic alarms

Distancing, drastic braking, high accelerations, traffic forces us to misbehave, maybe there is a missed service … Situations that can be avoided. There is information about our environment in every situation. SAFETY EYE provides feedback automatically. Email at the end of the day or in important situations immediately. We are developing an application that will get you all this in real time by the end of 2021.


Data-based conscious vehicle use for efficiency

We are at the heart of driving, and learning about your driving skills and habits can predict a number of opportunities that are good for us.

Examples include when the vehicle is consumed or how the vehicle user could save more.

These possibilities are not only interpreted but also indicated to us by the SAFETY EYE – ECO EYE function.

You can know exactly which way to go, how much you should go for optimal fuel consumption, or when the vehicle needs to intervene that can prevent higher expenses.

Ready to use.
Perfect for anything.

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Easy to use

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our favorite part

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John Doe

What are the benefits?

Immediate and continuous driver information.

Driving information materials for situations from experts.

24 hour availability and usability.

Ongoing customer support.

Community support on our community platform.

Free traffic information portal.

Practical way to support, with examples and implementation guides.

Personalized information.

For which it is worth choosing us

Cost effectiveness

Personal support to reduce costs is a permanent part and function of the SAFETY EYE system. It supports the person and does not cost the user any extra cost. It gives us immediate results.

Increase service life

The system understands the language of the vehicles, which it translates for our users. The system interprets these messages and helps us intervene in a timely manner to resolve issues.

Foresight, planning

SAFETY EYE information is thought-provoking, raising our awareness. With planning in the much longer term, we will be able to reduce unnecessary spending. The functions of the system go beyond that.

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