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+36 70 662 88 88

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7472 Cserénfa, Ady Endre utca 12.


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About us

Three individuals. A mechanic, a financial specialist and an IT specialist. The SAFETY EYE system is constantly evolving as a result of our initiative and concept.

All three of us travel, all three of us are out on the roads and we think: EVERYONE SHOULD FEEL HOME!

We want to travel freely and safely.

We find it unacceptable that, with today’s technology, people are still dying on the roads every day, or people will be injured, permanently restricted because of the irresponsible behavior or aggression of others.

We believe we have found a method and an opportunity that can prevent accidents in practice. That is, by supporting the person and not by trying to endow the machines with another feature!

We are building this solution and we believe that our goal can be supported by a lot of people!

Introduction of our company

AI-GTS Ltd. a business that provides an opportunity to follow our creed to prove that safe transportation is for everyone .

This is the driving force behind our team, which is why we work.

We have created a system that can support and give feedback to road users in practice and that contributes to the achievement of accident-free transport.

We are constantly developing the system and our long-term goal is to make our company an international company. We are building a global transport support system to eliminate accidents even where we thought it was not possible.