Is it harder and harder to operate the vehicle day by day or do we make the problem unavoidable?

Expenditures can be drastically reduced. You can find the right worker and easily make vehicle operation economical.

What problems can a carrier have? Why is there a need for a change of approach in commercial companies in the operation of vehicle fleets? Construction, agriculture, service ...

Which of the three basic problems is present in your company?


In addition to the amount of fuel and other costs, this cost is most affected by the physical characteristics of the vehicles and the traffic habits. SAFETY EYE takes into account both physical parameters and environmental conditions. Its effectiveness lies in supporting those who have a real-time impact on cutting costs.


There is a shortage of labor in the market: Companies need a suitable and good driver. Vendors drive the vehicles but do not generate the expenses. Business leaders do not have the opportunity to explain the economical operation of vehicles on a daily basis. SAFETY EYE develops and certifies users of the company's equipment 24 hours a day.


Where and how? In companies, routes are usually assigned by a separate person. Many times so that you have only superficial information about the unique characteristics of a given route. SAFETY EYE offers solutions from several databases, taking into account the actual traffic, the technical and driver capabilities of the vehicle and the load!

Tailor-made optimization for your business

No two businesses are the same, just as no two people are the same. General and “good for everyone” solutions are not suitable for special needs.

The use of artificial intelligence opens up much wider opportunities for carriers, freight forwarders and logistics companies. In addition, jobs that are still widely used in trade, such as regional representatives, and agency work, also require a different approach. Construction or agriculture also require different solutions in terms of cost reduction.

SAFETY EYET manages the vehicle in space, time and according to its tasks and the capabilities of the driver and operator, while equipping the driver and responsible business leaders with the knowledge of all actors in the environment.

It is a completely different approach to know and anticipate the conditions that are already present in the routes and work areas of vehicles miles away. It is a completely different idea to support and optimize a person than to wait for some technological innovation to solve the problem one day.

How will it be special?

That's why this system is different

The security of shipments is the primary task for carriers and forwarders. The same is true in the construction industry, in agriculture, while safety is also the most important factor in work areas. It can also be discovered at service providers and commercial companies that increasing security changes everything.

This has an impact on vehicles, operations and the economic operation of businesses. The SAFETY EYE system is specialized in supporting road transport, including road transport, freight forwarding, construction, agriculture or the service sector. In fact, every business.

Contexts that bring about a radical change in vehicle operation are thus coming to the surface.

With this system, you can ensure that road safety is affected by road safety. This paves the way for a new, much easier task for entrepreneurs, where most of the negative events can finally be eliminated.

Real-time alert

If we want to analyze it afterwards, it means that we have already released it, that is, we have a loss.

Problems discovered in real time can only be solved where they arise. The driver is able to solve the problem immediately. The system signals the problem multiple times and supports it with a smart solution proposal from those involved.

It is in the interest of the business to support the person

The driver is in a position to influence abnormal events in the vehicle, so the system pays special attention to the driver.

Supporting a company’s processes requires real, stand-alone problem solving.

Emergency forecast

The purpose of the system is to provide safety support in transport. The companies’ vehicles and equipment on the road have full support in traffic through SAFETY EYE.

The purpose of the development is to provide targeted security alerts to the user. We have found the right solution to increase security.

About us

Who are we, why are we authentic?

AI-GTS Ltd. a business that aims to eliminate road accidents caused by human error.

During the realization of our goal and our initial experiments, we realized that the support of road users also has a significant impact on economic operation.

We also have experience in the field of vehicle operation , as well as in the use and sale of vehicles .

We know exactly the problems and the tricks that manufacturers use to label cost-cutting solutions as “irresistible.”

People play a key role in developing our solution. We don’t think we could know or interpret companies better than current leaders do.

However, we know well how to make previously undiscovered information visible.

Ready to use.
Perfect for anything.

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Easy to use

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our favorite part

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John Doe


Possibility of real-time immediate intervention.

Information about multiple transport and map platforms.

Effective cost reduction from launch.

Continuous and supportive training for drivers at no extra cost.

Special support for our partners, which does not depend on the number of vehicles.

We have no hidden or “extra package” solutions.

There is no price competition. The full platform is available at a single price.

The vehicle number determines the monthly fee.

There is no extra cost to identify drivers.

Any number of employees can be added to the system without restriction.

Different user roles can be created within a company.

Why is this solution worthwhile for companies?

Cost effectiveness

Predictable and fixed cost of system usage without variables. It provides the service to an unlimited user within the company. From day one, the solution works to reduce costs and develop employees for the benefit of the company. It offers non-general context and a "boxed" solution. It increases competitive advantage and effectively reduces costs.

Customer support

Our system provides online help, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can increase or decrease the number of vehicles at any time, which you can change in a simple notification through our customer service. Recruitment can also be done with just one application.


We believe that a good cause can only be fought with our users. We are committed to providing safety to our partners on the roads, but we are also committed to supporting our partners from the outset. We consider our partners to be the guidelines for the tasks of companies and fleets in the development of our system!

Our partners


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