Where are the dangers on the roads? Find out too!

It would be nice to see who is dangerous to us. Who or what awaits us after the bend on the hill. It would be good to stay away from emergencies.
All this is easy to solve. Start using a tool to help you do this! Find out where the dangers are!

What are the purposes of developing the SAFETY EYE system?

Practice to completely eliminate accidents


From time to time, we all get into dangerous situations through no fault of our own. We also happen to be involved in an accident. Today, no one knows where the dangers await him and when!
The SAFETY EYE system is being developed for this. To predict the dangers that are developing or present on our route.

Transport culture

Pedestrians, bikers, cyclists, cars, trucks, buses and many other commuters. Smart cars, with smart features, the person who controls it all is pushed into the background and we don’t support it.
SAFETY EYE helps to change the transport culture, regardless of the means of transport, by supporting us!


SAFETY EYE has a key role to play in communicating traffic information and experience to drivers and road users. Our safety is fundamentally determined by our knowledge. SAFETY EYE provides an alternative to acquiring knowledge!


With artificial intelligence for our safety

Our system doesn’t want to make vehicles smart. It will provide people with information. With the information that has been hidden from us so far.

Means of transport carry information. We need to understand their language, we see it much farther than ever before. SAFETY EYE translates the information “spoken” in our environment and complements it with our own traffic language.

What are the consequences of this?

Predictability of the habits and actions of others. The guarantee of our personal safety. Evaluability of traffic situations. Creating freer and more conscious transport. The much more humane design of the vehicles of the future.

SAFETY EYE - PRESENTATION , designed by András Varga


That's why this solution is different

Without claiming to be exhaustive and omitting a number of novelties, we believe that the traffic assistance and active accident prevention system is fundamentally different from other solutions due to the following.

Real-time forecasting

Supporting the driver and road users with “real-time” information. Our goal is for our system to inform road users in real time, recognizing all foreseeable situations.

Personal solutions

Templates cannot be used, so we develop the system to support the individual based on their personal characteristics. We can only achieve change if we do not try to treat everyone the same. We need to strengthen individual benefits and help develop any weaker individual qualities.

Automatic notifications

The system is able to convey the recognized connections to its users in the simplest possible way.

We are working to put into practice information that has a good chance of changing traffic situations for our safety!

About us

Who are we?

AI-GTS Ltd. a business for us that gives us the opportunity to follow our creed to prove that safe transportation is for everyone .

This is the driving force behind our team, which is why we work.

We will create a system that can support and provide feedback to road users in practice and that contributes to accident-free transport.

The system is constantly being developed and in 2021. By the end of the year, our application will be available for download, which will be able to send reports while driving, which will be available to users in the form of SMS.

Ready to use.
Perfect for anything.

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Easy to use

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our favorite part

The opinions of our customers are most important to us, so we encourage you to give us your opinion on Facebook, my Google Company profile, in person about Secret Eyes, which we can then share with everyone else!


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John Doe


More informed decisions in transport.

Emergency information made visible.

More conscious transport.

Cost-effective and more cost-effective vehicle maintenance.

Personalized self-improvement opportunities.

Safer communication.

It's worth choosing our system


We highly support our users. There are no priority support channels, as everyone is involved in transport as well. We provide our support service to everyone with the service available on our online interfaces 24/7.

We form a community

Our users can access experts and relevant traffic information on our pages. We, SAFETY EYE users, are separate from those who do not take responsibility during transport. All of this is made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


SAFETY EYE is an initiative that is constantly evolving with our users. We do not implement a service that is pre-invented, but built on reality, which is open to the needs of our users. Our users have a special role to play in building the support role of the system.

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